MŌVI Operator

The best gear needs a great crew

Electronically stabilized gimbals for film cameras are a relatively new tool. They positioned themselves in addition to the steadicam as a device for smooth shots and are well established in the industry. With the help of these sensor controlled stabilizers a whole new world of image composition opened to the DP or operator. Evolved from the drone camera industry gimbal devices are available in different shapes and payload capabilities.

MOVIK Gimbal Operator

We experienced the development of camera gimbals from the beginning. Through designing and building our own we were able to gather experience early in the use of this technology. We know the critical aspects for the use on set and preparation for different production scenarios. For setups on Freefly MŌVI Pro, DJI Ronin 2, well built and balanced for different cameras, MOVIK offers experienced operators or multi operator crews.