FPV Drones for highly dynamic camera flights

First Person View makes images from the flying perspective possible

First Person View allows direct controls of the camera drone through an onboard camera. Distance, Framing, Composition and Speeds are linked directly to the controls done by the FPV Pilot. The final footage is usually beeing recorded by a second high quality camera, mounted to the frame of the race drone directly without mechanical stabilization. Use cases like live feeds and broadcast are also made possible by using the wireless HD-transmission feeding directly from the flight camera.

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Eliminate the boarders of camera movement entirely

FPV Drones allow for movements of the camera without limits in free space. The viewer experiences camera movements that are solely manipuloated by the flying path of the drone and therefore have an unleashing look and feel to them.

With our custom built miniature drones flights through the tiniest gaps are made possible. Including a modified “naked” GoPro camera and a digital video transmitter these palm sized micro aerial vehicles weigh well below 250 grams.

MOVIK - Years Of Experience

The professional use of aerial cinematography requires special expertise for different reasons. MOVIK benefits of a variety of experience and minimizes risks during professional missions with drones which is essential. We support you with your projects by managing all permits and legal works for a legal and insured flight operation. Trust our approved team which not only loves the creative work but understands the handling of unmanned aerial systems.

  • Certified: Pilots with EU/US drone license for commercial flights.
  • Insured: special liability insurance for our drones and UAS and 3rd party equipment insurance for damages and theft.
  • Technically reliable: Experienced Pilot with regular flight routine in film and industrial (high risk) environments
  • Supporting: Quick assessment under which conditions a project can be realized.
  • Well aligned: Drone crew with special experience in situations on set of film productions.

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MOVIK supports you with your projects

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