Heavy-Lift Drones for cinema grade camera equipment

We get large camera systems airborne

Our custom heavy-lift drone systems allow a great level of flexibility. For drone shots in film production and commercial video projects with high technical standards our drones can handle large cine grade camera setups. We answer the demand to bring the preferred system of high-end cameras and (zoom-)lenses in the air. This class of aircraft covers special requirements for productions which couldn’t be reached with of-the-shelf solutions like the DJI Inspire Series

camera weight up to 6.8kg

To stabilize lenses and cameras like ARRI Alexa Mini LF, RED or Sony Digital Cinema we work with the well tested technology of Freefly Mōvi Pro gimbals. It allows to stabilize weights of up to 6.8kg in the air with flight times up to 15 minutes. During flight the gimbal operator is able to control the remote head through a wireless HD-feed. To achieve a high level of safety on set propulsion and battery systems are built redundant. Our drones of the 25kg/55lbs category are piloted exclusviely by licensed and very experienced personnel. We hold liability insurances for all our aircraft and equipment theft and damages insurance for 3rd-party gear up to 100.000€ (higher values on request).

MOVIK - Years of Experience

The professional use of aerial cinematography requires special expertise for different reasons. MOVIK benefits of a variety of experience and minimizes risks during professional missions with drones which is essential. We support you with your projects by managing all permits and legal works for a legal and insured flight operation. Trust our approved team which not only loves the creative work but understands the handling of unmanned aerial systems.

  • Certified: Pilots with advanced examined drone license for commercial flights.
  • Insured: special liability insurance for our drones and UAS and 3rd party equipment insurance for damages and theft.
  • Technically reliable: Experienced Pilot with regular flight routine in film and industrial (high risk) environments
  • Supporting: Quick assessment under which conditions a project can be realized.
  • Well aligned: Drone crew with special experience in situations on set of film productions.


MOVIK supports you with your projects

We support you to realize your production or project.