Aerial Cinematography for Film, Commercials and Industrial applications.

The unleashed camera

Drones aerial footage is an important element in many productions. Wide, uplifting establishing shots, fast, dynamic tracking shots and fluent transitions inbetween perspectives are possible. This decoupling of the camera gives the spectator immersive images of which the eye can’t get enough of. The fascination of seeing the world as if we were able to fly lies in many of us. Through modern fyling cameras this dream is realized in a new quality.

Professional Drone Flights with MOVIK

Remote controlled multirotors or drones are in use by MOVIK since many years in aerial cinematography and photography. Our unmanned aerial systems can be flown without restrictions in minimum flight altitude and lift off almost anywhere with only a few minutes of preparation. Thanks to their small form factor not only outdoor flights can be done but also crane shots inside of buildings. Also live-transmissions of images from the air are possible with our equipment. Different sizes of drone systems can be put to use depending on the requirements. The perfect setup for a flexible mission of our camera drones is the well aligned and experienced team of our licensed pilot and the gimbal operator. The crew is working as one while flight path and stabilized camera are controlled individually. A live feed of the framed shot is provided for the director.

  • UAS: DJI Inspire 3 X9-8K Air camera, cine FPV kits, custom multirotor drones for larger camera and lighting payloads.
  • Flight time (including camera): 10-30 minutes
  • Range: visual line of sight of the pilot
  • Live-feed: wireless fullHD image transmission.
  • Altitude of flight: 0-500m above starting altitude.

Our Experience
Many years of experience in building and testing of aerial platforms, flight controllers and gimbal stabilizers for the application of versatile camera platforms are a bonus for the safe operation in productive environments.

MOVIK - Years of Experience

The professional use of aerial cinematography requires special expertise for different reasons. MOVIK benefits of a variety of experience and minimizes risks during professional missions with drones which is essential. We support you with your projects by managing all permits and legal works for a legal and insured flight operation. Trust our approved team which not only loves the creative work but understands the handling of unmanned aerial systems.

  • Certified: Pilots with advanced examined drone license for commercial flights.
  • Insured: special liability insurance for our drones and UAS with 6million€ coverage.
  • Technically reliable: Experienced Pilot with regular flight routine in film and industrial (high risk) environments
  • Supporting: Quick assessment under which conditions a project can be realized.
  • Well aligned: Drone crew with special experience in situations on set of film productions.

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